We seek to make
identity visible.

About us

Visual identity is the transformation of corporate identity into visual communication. The aim of our services is to create a visible style that demonstrates the company’s personality in all the measures taken. The Hamburg team has been developing design and communication for brands and companies since 1995.

Core Team

Olav Jünke
Olav Jünke

Creative Director,
Managing Director

The designer studied communication design and design direction in Kiel and Milan and also law in Trier. He held the positions of Art Director with Peter Schmidt and Creative Director with Windi Winderlich/ Enterprise IG. In 1995 he established the agency ondesign – visual identity. Since 2002 the specialist in logo development, corporate design and brand communication has managed the company together with the Italian designer Francalma Nieddu.

Languages: German, English, Italian
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Francalma Nieddu
Francalma Nieddu

Strategic Design Director,
Managing Director

Francalma Nieddu studied jewellery design in Sorrento and industrial design in Rome. She then acquired Master’s degrees in strategic design and industrial design in Milan and Turin respectively. Following this, she worked as a free-lance designer for design-oriented companies, as a communication consultant for start-up enterprises with the Chamber of Commerce in Milan and as a consultant with the agency SDI (Sistema Design Italia). As a Managing Director of ondesign she contributes articles on design and marketing to specialist periodicals.

Languages: Italian, English
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Designer, Art Director

Languages: German, English, French
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Designer, Art Director

Languages: German, English
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Designer, Art Director

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Controlling, Accounting

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