Visual Identity for recommended
Olympus Fellowship.

In cooperation with the House of Photography / Deichtorhallen Hamburg, the Foam Photography Museum in Amsterdam and the Photography Forum Frankfurt (FFF), every two years Olympus grants Recommended – Olympus Fellowships to three promising young art photographers.

ondesign developed the overall look of the fellowship. With an intelligent key visual and attention-getting design for all touchpoints like web, print and exhibitions, ondesign created an exciting platform for this new culture brand, and a stage for young photography.

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Project Scope

Logo Design
Type Design
Corporate Design
Editorial Design


Logo, colour, typography – and focus on the photos

In this project the main visual focus needs to be on the artistic photography, so the designers worked with a very reductive yet impactful formal language. The new logo, bold typography and a clear signal colour thus give room for playful artistic treatment with high recognition.

One catalogue, three young positions

The ondesign team put together the 80-page exhibition catalogue, in cooperation with COOMEDIA. The result is a high-quality documentation of the international collaboration of museums, curators and artists, with a modest presence by the sponsor. For the catalogue, a contemporary design idiom was used that contrasts the “youthful” positions of the artists with contemporary discontinuities in typography and layout. This made it possible to unite three very different artistic approaches in one editorial design.

More Editorial Design

Website and exhibition materials for the big day

In addition to the unusual www.recommended.photointernet presence, ondesign also did all the exhibition communication including print materials, lettering and presentation elements. The three Recommend fellows and their works were presented to the public at the Photography Triennial in Hamburg.

„With great empathy ondesign has developed an intelligent key visual for recommended / Olympus Fellowship and a special design appearance for all our touchpoints that inspire our partners and the audience.“

Olaf Kreuter, Head of Consumer Marketing, Germany and Austria, Olympus Germany


Corporate Design for COOMEDIA

ondesign assisted the company in a strategic repositioning and developed a new Corporate Design with a distinct brand architecture.

Corporate Design for COOMEDIA


Corporate Design for WERKMEISTER

ondesign is working with Werkmeister on a complete brand relaunch including repositioning and new brand identity system, tagline development and comprehensive corporate design for all touchpoints.

Corporate Design for WERKMEISTER


Corporate Design for Fattorie Romeo del Castello

ondesign completely recast the old family coat of arms with its three pilgrim symbols (scallop, staff, rosemary sprig), and also designed a complete alphabet based on a Jugendstil-era wine label.

Corporate Design for Fattorie Romeo del Castello


Corporate Design for KATES

ondesign is assisting KATES with a brand relaunch, including corporate design, website, B2B mailing and all relevant infographics.

Corporate Design für KATES