Corporate design is the visual part of your company’s corporate identity. For corporate design we don’t just create a logo and define company colours and fonts. We also develop a distinctive style for your brand and communication. This makes your company and its key values clearly recognizable and sets you apart from your competitors. Successful corporate design tells a story - the brand story, that aligns with your company strategy and gets customers excited.

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CTC – an AIRBUS brand takes off.

For Airbus subsidiary CTC, ondesign created a new visual identity and positioning as a B2B brand. CTC develops lightweight fibre-composite components for the aerospace and other industries.

ondesign’s designers and brand consultants guided the client through the internal discovery process, and from that generated an independent, confident corporate language and a distinctive new corporate design for all relevant online and offline media. ondesigners and CTC engineers worked hard to give the new brand outfit a successful take-off at JEC in Paris, the world’s largest event in the industry

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Project Scope

Brand Strategy
Logo Design
Claim Development
Corporate Design
Visual Language
Web Design

The brand

The tagline “we are composites” defines the new positioning as well as the headline style. The new logo is designed with a subtle closeness to the Airbus logo. Each letter, like the composites of CTC, is assembled from individual components.

The color system

In addition to the Airbus blue and some secondary colors, a brand-typical color gradient is created for CTC. This dynamically flowing element supports a new visual position in the restrained industry context.

The visual language of form and images

Big-picture photography, together with concentrated detail images of the engineering work, becomes a memorable film in the mind. With pictograms made of rounded hexagons matching the logo, we create a reference to the molecular structure of the composites. Typographically, the Airbus company Helvetica is set and stands in the design context for the technical aspect of the new brand.

“Our staff is very engaged with the process of giving CTC a new image, and our customers have received it very positively. Thank you for your outstanding work.”

Prof. Dr. Axel Herrmann, CEO, CTC GmbH / an AIRBUS Company


Corporate Design for COOMEDIA

ondesign assisted the company in a strategic repositioning and developed a new Corporate Design with a distinct brand architecture.

Corporate Design for COOMEDIA


Corporate Design for WERKMEISTER

ondesign is working with Werkmeister on a complete brand relaunch including repositioning and new brand identity system, tagline development and comprehensive corporate design for all touchpoints.

Corporate Design for WERKMEISTER


Corporate Design for Fattorie Romeo del Castello

ondesign completely recast the old family coat of arms with its three pilgrim symbols (scallop, staff, rosemary sprig), and also designed a complete alphabet based on a Jugendstil-era wine label.

Corporate Design for Fattorie Romeo del Castello


Corporate Design for KATES

ondesign is assisting KATES with a brand relaunch, including corporate design, website, B2B mailing and all relevant infographics.

Corporate Design für KATES