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Mühlenchemie sets new brand focus on MC. Rebranding with ondesign.

Even our most successful B2B customers are often little known to the general public. But a world market leader like Mühlenchemie may hardly be called a hidden champion any more.

The experts in flour improvement and flour enrichment have been active for 100 years. The Stern-Wywiol Gruppe, to which the company belongs, has just celebrated this important anniversary.

The best time for Mühlenchemie and its lead agency ondesign to realign the brand for its future and its global markets - with a focus on MC.

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From warehouse supplier to brand for ergonomic logistics: KROG.

Can a - at first glance - boring stock supplier become an attractive brand? Yes, it can.

For Valdemar Krog GmbH, we took a close look at the company's know-how, services and products, and thus developed a sustainable positioning and brand identity.

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ondesign creates Corporate Design for Spaccaforno Restaurant

Hamburg’s getting a new pizza hotspot. After the success of I Vigneri Restaurant and I Vigneri Bistro in downtown Hamburg, restaurateur Corrado Falco tapped the ondesign team a third time for his new restaurant concept Spaccaforno – Pizza e Pane. It’s designed as a quick getaway from the daily routine. More on it coming soon.


More about the corporate design project

Corporate design I Vigneri Restaurant

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Brand relaunch of good taste – for Hydrosol.

Why do people buy a food product for the first time?  Numerous factors in marketing, advertising and, of course, design actually play a role here. But why do people buy a food product for the second time and then again and again? For exactly one reason: because of the taste!

In the brand relaunch realized with ondesign for the B2B company Hydrosol, this success factor played a central role. It resulted in the sharpened positioning, the new claim of the foodtech specialist: We texture taste.

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Eurostrand live - web relaunch for the travel provider.

The website as an invitation. Vacation and corporate offer. Eurostrand is an established brand among vacation resorts in Germany with a loyal community of young “party-time” friends and middle-aged “my vacation” lovers. The hotels can also be used for family celebrations. ondesign was tasked with making the Eurostrand website a real welcome portal for all the curious, interested and repeat visitors, living up to the company motto “Rein ins Vergnügen”.

More about the web project

ondesign realized Editorial Design for recommended 19/20

For the second edition of the recommended Olympus Fellowship, ondesign is realising the exhibition catalogue in a new look. In close cooperation with COOMEDIA, the cooperation agency responsible for the project and concept, a high-quality print work is being created and thus an elegant presentation of the international cooperation of the three photography museums Haus der Fotografie Deichtorhallen Hamburg, Foam Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam and Fotografie Forum Frankfurt with Olympus as the sponsor of the fellowship.

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ondesign realised the new corporate design for msw

The task for the ondesign team, in addition to the concept and design for a new website and a careful redesign of the company logo, was above all to work out a self-image together with the client that could also be understood from the outside: "We enjoy making complex things simple" is one of the core sentences. msw stands for media service wasmuth, a leading brand in the media industry. Whether print, online or out of home, whoever is looking for media data for the entire D-A-CH region will find it at msw. ondesign has completely redrawn the company logo and derived a logical brand architecture with sub-brands from it.

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Hamburgers that don’t need meat - Hydrosol’s trade fair showing

Vegetarian and vegan nutrition are a huge trend, but making meatless hamburgers that taste good is a challenge.

Around the message “Go Free From” we worked with trade booth builder Preuss to design a booth for the IFFA in Frankfurt that brought Hydrosol a lot of attention. It featured selfie action, social media postings and naturally samples of Hydrosol’s tasty veggie burger.

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More corporate & event design for Hydrosol

ondesign creates a commemorative publication for HydrosolOlav Jünke accompanied the photo shoot for the commemorative booklet - portrait of the CEOInside of the jubilee booklet with Arabic dishInside of the jubilee booklet with photo of scientists in the Hydrosol laboratoriesJubilee booklet with pictograms
ondesign creates festschrift for major Hydrosol anniversary.

The team concepted and designed a book over a hundred pages long for food company Hydrosol. The corporate book is packed with insights from the company’s early days as well current activities, and enriched with important information on worldwide nutrition, all in an attractive and on-brand editorial design.

Natural paper, stitched spine, Swiss brochure binding and silver spot foil on the cover - a special look and feel.

Stern-Wywiol Gruppe CEO Torsten Wywiol himself climbed onto the roof for a look towards the future of the company. The beginning of a new story...

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Olav Jünke hands over edpda Design Award in ParisOlav Juenke and the winners of the epda Award 2018Olav Juenke at the epda Awards 2018 in ParisGuests at the epda Awards 2018 in Paris
Olav Jünke presents epda design award in Paris

In the name of the international jury, the CEO of the ondesign agency presented the Future Packaging Award to the beaming winners. For this award, the European Brand and Packaging Design Association (epda) challenges designers new to the field to come up with packaging ideas for foods of the future.

The team of Elisabetta Vedovato, Lorenzo Vivaldini, Chiara Versaico and Matteo Varisco won with their SEASY sample packaging project.

Find out more here.

recommended / Olympus Fellowship

In cooperation with COOMEDIA, the agency designed high-end documentation for an international collaboration. Three photography museums, Haus der Fotografie Deichtorhallen Hamburg, Foam Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam and Fotografie Forum Frankfurt, supported Olympus as the grant donor.

For the catalogue, a contemporary design idiom was chosen in order to emphasize the youthfulness of the photographers. This made it possible to unit three very different artistic approaches in one editorial design.

For exhibition dates see recommended.photo

CTC – an Airbus brand takes off.

For Airbus subsidiary CTC, ondesign created a new visual identity and positioning as a B2B brand. CTC develops lightweight fibre-composite components for the aerospace and other industries.

ondesign’s designers and brand consultants guided the client through the internal discovery process, and from that generated an independent, confident corporate language and a distinctive new corporate design for all relevant online and offline media. ondesigners and CTC engineers worked hard to give the new brand outfit a successful take-off at JEC 2018 in Paris, the world’s largest event in the industry


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ondesign receives WOLDA Award für the Inch logo designWe received the WOLDA Award for the re-design of the WOLDA Awards: Entries from 39 countriesThe Wolda jury at the selection of the awardeesPortrait of the WOLDA jury
Three prizes for ondesign logos

515 entries from 39 countries around the globe - the WOLDA (Worldwide Logo Design Annual) jury in New York had a lot of logos to go over.

We are very proud that three of the many logos we have developed for clients – INCH Designservice, Werkmeister Schlafsysteme and City Management Hamburg – each won an AWARD OF EXCELLENCE.

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ondesign creates corporate design for the tennis court service KatesThe old and the new Kates logo in comparisonKates Tennis Court Professionals business cards with sndpaper finishingComprehensive advertising mailing with flyer, letterhead and business card in the matching envelopeondesign develops the corporate website for KatesThe slider shows the visitor the core competencies of KatesSeasonal services are brought to the fore as needed on the websiteThe Kates website also works well on mobile devices due to its clear structureInfographic: Schematic structure of a tennis courtInfographic: technical structure of a sprinkler systemThe first scribbles for the new Kates logo
By branding pros, for tennis pros

What Kamer Kabashi and his company KATES have in common with the design strategists at ondesign is the fundamentals. ondesign is assisting KATES with a brand relaunch, including corporate design, website, B2B mailing and all relevant infographics.

At ondesign we’re creating the fundamentals for future success, while KATES creates the fundamentals for good tennis. Tennis courts have very special requirements, and the KATES tennis court pros need to know exactly what they’re doing.

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ondesign develops a beer brand in retro Reeperbahn style

Hamburg’s Reeperbahn in St. Pauli is one of the world’s legendary entertainment and red-light districts, and remains a favourite of visitors to Hamburg to this day.

The logo, name and tagline of “Reeper B.” show where the new beer brand hails from, with a look that hearkens back to the days when a sailor on shore leave would come here for an, er, good time. Six beers and six girls set the mood at any kind of event in Hamburg and beyond - in love with St. Pauli.

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recommended / Olympus Fellowship

In cooperation with the House of Photography / Deichtorhallen Hamburg, the Foam Photography Museum in Amsterdam and the Photography Forum Frankfurt, starting this year Olympus will grant three fellowships every two years to promising young art photographers.

Working with Coomedia and Olympus Germany, ondesign developed the visual approach for the “recommended” fellowship using the self-explanatory brand visual and a responsive website on art photography.


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New corporate design for Sparda Immobilien

Real-estate company Sparda Immobilien, a subsidiary of Sparda Bank, engaged branding agency ondesign for its corporate brand relaunch. The real-estate sector is a heterogeneous market where only experienced specialists really have the knowledge and insight to give valid advice. A clear brand helps to bring experts and prospects together.

For Sparda Immobilien ondesign developed a design concept that greatly boosts the recognition of the brand. Or, as the client said concerning the new company logo, “It’s even faster and easier to recognize, especially in new media, and shows our association with the Sparda Bank.”
More corporate design

More Corporate Design

A dynamic Look for Finanzplatz Hamburg

A dynamic look for Hamburg as a financial centre
The look and feel of an entire industry is changing. ondesign is helping the portal of Finanzplatz Hamburg e. V. to a fresh new online look, integrating into it the core values of “Hanseatic reliability” and “dynamic innovation”. The visual idiom and colour system were revised. Transparency, flexibility, and user-friendliness for lively exchanges among members are the drivers for this elegant, highly functional web portal.

After crowdfunding-hamburg.de , finanzplatz-hamburg.com is the second online portal ondesign has done for the Hamburg financial industry.

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Corporate Branding for COOMEDIA

COOMEDIA is an owner-operated consulting firm for corporate and brand collaboration. Founder and owner Henning Schnittcher is one of Germany’s leading experts on cooperations. ondesign assisted the company in a strategic repositioning and developed a new Corporate Design with a distinct brand architecture. The new tagline is an integral part of the brand configuration with the new COOMEDIA signet. We developed an internet presence with a visual idiom typical of the brand, and optimized for mobile devices.

“The ondesign team developed a presence for us that really reflects how dynamic we are. Our new brand motivates us as much as it does our clients and partners.” (Henning Schnittcher, COOMEDIA)

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ondesign at the epda Congress in Taipeh

Does brand design take courage? It’s not a rhetorical question, but the topic of a high-level congress in the capital of Taiwan. Brand owners and brand designers together face major challenges, and brand design has many strategic tasks to fulfil. ondesign’s emphasis is on the storytelling approach, from the brand story to brand success.

East meets West was also part of the congress, as many very different design outlooks encountered each other. Despite globalization, local and regional design preferences are obvious, and are important communicators for reaching out to consumer communities. The history of a brand as its story is a leitmotif here.

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Corporate Website: Hamburg Stock Exchanges

The existing internet platform of the five Hamburg Stock Exchanges is based on the prize-winning
corporate design developed by ondesign, that leverages the classic architecture of the Stock Exchange Hall.

The new website serves to provide stakeholders with information quickly, especially on mobile devices,
as well as a fast link to Financial, Real Estate, Insurance and other specialist web spaces.


A trade booth for new food trends

Consumers’ attitudes towards food are changing, and so are producers’. Young entrepreneurs with healthy new ideas are bringing fresh perspectives to the table. That can mean “go vegan” or “100% free.” They expect complete transparency from their suppliers, as well as a new person-to-person way of doing business.

ondesign worked with trade booth builder Preuss to create the right get-together venue, a charming SternLife bistro for relaxed encounters among equals.

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Three design concepts for Bologna

Our agency was invited to an international design competition for a new branding for the city of Bologna, the capital of Emilia Romagna. The project scope comprised a new logo and motto for the city with its tremendous history and innovative present.

Three very different approaches resulted. Which would you have chosen?

Download PDF

Fattorie Romeo del Castello

This Sicilian vineyard at the foot of Mt. Aetna has been family-owned for centuries. ondesign completely recast the old family coat of arms with its three pilgrim symbols (scallop, staff, rosemary sprig), and gave it an elegant feminine note, appropriate to the new mother-daughter management team. We also designed a complete alphabet based on a Jugendstil-era wine label.

We created wine labels with historical wallpaper motifs from the family’s classicistic country estate. The olive oil produced by the Fattorie’s centuries-old trees got its own product branding under the name Felicjuso.

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Animal trademarks

Animals have a long tradition in brand design, and continue to play an important role, at ondesign as elsewhere.

The motives for choosing animal symbolism are not always just rational. While a hare might be an obvious choice for company founder “de Haas” (“the hare”), or a “wise” owl for learning software, the same bird for a streetwear label is just barely explainable with the brand heritage, while a flamingo for a fish company really can only be something an eccentric owner could have come up with. But once established, each of these brand icons creates high recognition and emotional pull to match.

Animal mark studies and variations by ondesign: Werkmeister Schlafsysteme, Backyard Streetwear, Schliemann de Haas Lebensmittel Holding

Rebirth of the classic osteria: I Vigneri

Corrado Falco, a Hamburg restaurateur with Sicilian roots, had the idea of reviving a classic 50s style osteria in the heart of the city. We had the good fortune of already being acquainted with him and his founding team, and ondesign accompanied the entire design process and created the look of the restaurant, inside and out.

In a modern retro style, we designed the logo, company sign, menu and wine list, aprons, table sets and many other elements that make the ambience a complete experience. The I Vigneri Caffè on the other side of the street continues the brand idiom in appropriate colour shades and offers its own products under the I Vigneri label.


Corporate and event design for Hydrosol

Based on its award-winning corporate design for Hydrosol, ondesign further refined the brand with new key visuals, icons and a clear visual idiom for print media, screen, fairs and events. Hydrosol presents a lively, unmistakable visual identity at all touchpoints.

The company is one of the world’s most successful technology companies in its field, supplying the fine foods, dairy and meat industries with products for better flavour, longer keeping, additive-free recipes and vegan alternatives.

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Corporate relaunch for Rennsteig tools

With several hundred special pliers for all sorts of applications in cable connections, it takes a tool to find the right Rennsteig tool quickly. That was our assignment for the new catalogue system, including new tool markings and last but certainly not least the relaunch of the complete corporate design.

The company, a traditional Thuringian toolmaker in the Knipex Group, wanted to harmonize and modernize its entire look. We created a visual identity as precise and intelligent as the tools themselves, and also as likable and outgoing as the people at Rennsteig.

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Peer Education Platform for German museums

“Museums give strength,” ideally from peer to peer. So this time it’s the kids who guide their peers through “their” museum. Patron of this peer education project is the German Museum Association. The goal of the “Culture gives strength” initiative, promoted by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, is to give relatively uneducated young people access to culture and science.

ondesign developed a visual identity to go with it. Over 80 museums across Germany are taking part with their own projejcts. Young people document their projects and show them as images and videos on a blog-like online platform.


Crowdfunding portal for the Chamber of Commerce

For the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce ondesign developed a positioning and target-group-specific web concept, and the look and feel of a fresh design and youthful visual world. Functionally, the website features responsive design and gives a quick overview of all relevant aspects, with video examples and links to further information and advisory opportunities.

Crowdfunding sounds a little like finding money. And that’s what it’s all about for young entrepreneurs looking for financing for their business ideas.


Brand relaunch of Werkmeister Sleep Culture

Werkmeister is a leading manufacturer of sleep systems – high-end pillows, mattresses and box springs. We are helping them completely reinvent themselves.

ondesign is working with Werkmeister on a complete brand relaunch including repositioning and new brand identity system, tagline development and comprehensive corporate design for all touchpoints: online, offline and POS. A uniform communications system for B2B and B2C, with a brand-centric visual world starting from a redrawn signet of the Werkmeister seagull.


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ondesign puts a new face on KULTURBAUTEN

A well-known theatre will continue the tradition of its popular dance, variety and acrobatic performances at a new location. The new corporate design makes contemporary stage performance come to life, while drawing strength from the artistic roots and the legacy brand character of the “Flying Buildings.”

The visual experience is centred on the word module KULTURBAUTEN and the graphically revised symbol of an angel on a wagon wheel. In the free play of the design components, new configurations continue to be created for web, posters, façade design and flyers.


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A redesign for the Heinz Sielmann Foundation

ondesign presented a fresh interpretation of the brand and a corporate website based on content and mobile
first. The brand repositioning with its attendant communication is designed reach out to younger target groups.

The foundation was set up in 1994 by Prof. Heinz and Inge Sielmannn, and initiates, supports and furthers nature conservation and experience projects to a value of up to 9 million euros annually.

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