Visual Identity for Spaccaforno –
Art Deco meets Industrial.

Spaccaforno is the new Italian restaurant by hip restaurateur Corrado Falco in the heart of Hamburg Barmbek. It combines Neapolitan pizza tradition with Sicilian bread artisanship at a high level. ondesign created the overall look, from logo and lettering to menus and packaging.


The restaurant is a standout in its surroundings. It brings a little bit of Brooklyn to this Hamburg neighbourhood, with an interior mix of Industrial and Art Deco that is Italian in a very modern way.



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An icon for pizza gourmets

Once you’ve had pizza in Naples, you search for it ever after. And you’ve found what you’re looking for right here in Hamburg when you see the distinctively lettered facade. The designers made it to look as if the chef himself wrote “Pizze e Pane” on a typical restaurant blackboard.

A menu of anticipation

The design does entirely without photos. Imagination creates the best pictures, and the real thing is even better when the wonderful dishes reach the table.

Spaccaforno to go

The pizza, the bread and the house’s own Olio Biologico and Spaccaforno Aceto Balsamico di Modena — you can get everything to go. Elegantly packaged, ideal as a take-home or a gift for friends.

Bread and pizza with friends

The oven was flown in directly from Naples, and turns out authentic pizzas in an unbelievable 90 seconds. That gives chef Martin Sadirov and his team all the more time for their guests. It’s a special place where you can be simultaneously far away and right at home with your friends. Stop by!

„Opening a new restaurant is always an adventure. With the designers of ondesign we had partners with a good feeling for our vision who realized a really elegant brand for Spaccaforno“

Corrado Falco, Owner Gallo Nero and Co-Owner Spaccaforno


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