Construction sites in Hamburg –
communicating better coordination.

Hamburg’s Senate decided that the city’s many roadwork and construction projects needed to be better coordinated. Positions were created and regular inter-agency meetings were set up. And ondesign was commissioned to develop a system for construction site communications.

Our designers did it, with a name development, tagline idea, logo and a strong key visual that can be seen on all materials, including information for local residents and the press, flyers and event posters. The first construction site signs in the new design can already be seen on streets. They are regularly updated and tell people who is building what, and when they plan to be finished.

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Project scope

Logo design
Type design
Corporate Design
Name development
Claim development

Cooperation needs a name and a promise.

Seven different state agencies and companies are involved in the work on Hamburg’s streets. ondesign created the name INFRACREW HAMBURG, because it’s all about the city’s infrastructure. The logo shows a cross-section of a street with all its layers and functions. The key visual with the earth-mover makes it internationally clear: We build Hamburg.

As so often in this business, what might look fairly straightforward is actually the result of hard work, with many brainstorming sessions and discussions, endless notes, many sketches and overflowing wastepaper baskets. Once we knew we had something good, we took it to the client. In just a few discussion rounds, the city agencies and the Senate made all the necessary decisions and approved the relevant executions. The overall concept was finished in just a few weeks, because things can go quickly when there is enthusiasm for an idea and a shared goal.

I just sprayed it myself.

The designers actually sprayed the new visual on the asphalt of a nearby street (naturally with washable and eco-friendly paint). Because sometimes in design and brand development, you have to get out and get into it – like the work at Hamburg’s construction sites.

A design system.

What might look simple is really a clever system. The flyers, posters, letters to local residents and construction site signs in various proportions and sizes all speak a unified visual language, communicating to people that everything is coordinated. Because in Hamburg, it is.

„It is also clear that this Senate will need to continue to upgrade Hamburg’s road network and improve the entire infrastructure. Construction sites will therefore continue to be part of the cityscape, but we hope to minimize the resulting inconvenience as far as possible.“

Michael Westhagemann, Hamburg’s Senator for Economics, Transport and Innovation


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