The ultimate goal: satisfied clients
from A to Z

Our client roster reflects the range of our experience in B2B and B2C.

Whether food technology, food service, aeronautical engineering or culture, ondesign gives brands in many different industries a visual identity. We work in B2B and B2C, and welcome the challenge of complex subject matter. Explanation-heavy content inspires our creativity. To make sure we understand that content, we prioritize in-person communication. Because no one understands your brand requirements better than you do. Brand understanding + design expertise: our formula works, and has won us the trust of numerous well-known companies with domestic and international focus.


“With great empathy ondesign has developed an intelligent key visual for recommended / Olympus Fellowship and a special design appearance for all our touchpoints that inspire our partners and the audience.”

Olaf Kreuter, Head of Consumer Marketing, Germany and Austria, Olympus Germany

“The ondesign team developed a presence for us that really reflects how dynamic we are. Our new brand motivates us as much as it does our clients and partners.”

Henning Schnittcher, Managing Director, COOMEDIA

“The Hydrosol festschrift that ondesign created is an exact reflection of our innovativeness, our team spirit and the high quality of our technological solutions. Thank you!”

Dr. Matthias Moser, Geschäftsführer, Hydrosol

“Our staff is very engaged with the process of giving CTC a new image, and our customers have received it very positively. Thank you for your outstanding work.”

Prof. Dr. Axel Herrmann, CEO, CTC GmbH / an AIRBUS Company

“Our new logo is even faster and easier to recognize, especially in new media, and shows our association with the Sparda Bank.”

Andreas Tönjes, CEO, Sparda Immobilien GmbH

Airbus  Aircraft manufacturer
Atlantic Chemicals Trading GmbH  Chemicals & raw materials

Bauer Media Group  Publishing house
Baur Gruppe Mail order business
BEOS  Science & research
Berg+Schmidt  Animal feed industry
Berryline  Consumer & FCMG

City Management Hamburg  Media & marketing
Coomedia  Media & marketing
CTC GmbH Aviation industry

DeutscheBack  Baking industry
Deutscher Museumsbund  Public sector & government agencies

Eurostrand Hotel sector
Eyedentity  Eyeglasses importer

Fattorie Romeo del Castello  Wine & olive oil
Finanzplatz Hamburg e.V.  Financial markets

Gallo Nero  Catering
GAP Casa Magazines
Gateprotect  IT-Security 

Hamburger Börse  Financial markets
Handelskammer Hamburg  Public sector & government agencies
Herza Schokolade Food technology
HGP Audioelektronik  Entertainment electronics
Hydrosol  Food technology

IKEA  Furniture retail & decorating
I Vigneri  Catering

Kates Construction business
Kermi  Sanitary facilities
Knipex  Tool industry
Knöll Finanzierungsberatung  Financial markets
Krog Logistics

Landesbetrieb Straßen, Brücken und Gewässer Public sector & government agencies
Libri  Wholesale bookselling

MehlWelten Museum Public sector & government agencies
Mercedes-Benz Automotive industry
Museum für Kunst & Gewerbe Hamburg  Public sector & government agencies
Museum Lüneburg  Public sector & government agencies
MSW Media & Marketing
Mühlenchemie  Food technology


Nutrineo Food Technology

OlbrichtArom  Food technology
Olympus  Optics & photo industry

Papier Union  Speciality papers

Reepbana GmbH Consumer & FCMG
Rennsteig  Tool industry

Schliemann de Haas GmbH Food technology
Siemens  Electrical engineering & electronics
Spaccaforno Catering
Sparda-Bank  Financial markets
Sternchemie  Food technology
SternLife Food technology
SternMaid  Food technology
SternVitamin Food technology
SternWywiol Gruppe  Food technology
Symrise  Food & cosmetics technology

Tauron  Tool industry
Theater für Kinder  Public sector & government agencies
TSI Consumer & FCMG

Uelzena  Food technology
USA Rice Federation  Agriculture & trade

Venice Beach  Clothing, shoes & textiles

Werkmeister  Sleep systems

Zanders  Speciality papers