<span class='sliderHeadline1'>COOMEDIA</span><span class='sliderHeadline2'>Visual identity<br>for the cooperation<br>agency  ››</span><span class='sliderHeadline1'>CTC</span><span class='sliderHeadline2'>Brand relaunch<br>for the AIRBUS<br>subsidiary ››</span><span class='sliderHeadline1'>Reeper B.</span><span class='sliderHeadline2'>Beer-Packaging<br>in retro Reeperbahn<br>style ››</span><span class='sliderHeadline1'>Logo Design</span><span class='sliderHeadline2'>ondesign receives<br>several international<br>awards  ››</span><span class='sliderHeadline1'>SternLife</span><span class='sliderHeadline2'>Brand space<br>at the Vitafoods<br>trade fair ››</span><span class='sliderHeadline1'>Nutrineo</span><span class='sliderHeadline2'>Packaging of the <br>B2B brand for sports nutrition  ››</span><span class='sliderHeadline1'>Werkmeister Schlafkultur</span><span class='sliderHeadline2'>Corporate branding<br>for sleep systems ››</span><span class='sliderHeadline1'>Riflesso</span><span class='sliderHeadline2'>Product design<br>for the <br>carpet mirror  ››</span>

recommended / Olympus Fellowship

ondesign creates editorial design for photo art exhibition

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CTC – an Airbus brand takes off.

ondesign creates new visual identity and positioning as a B2B brand.

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New corporate design for Mühlenchemie

ondesign is helping the world market leader in the field of flour improvement

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