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Design and strategy
for people and brands

We’re ondesign, a design agency in Hamburg. We develop corporate identities, and create brands that create excitement.

We design unique visual identities with our heads, hearts and hands. Brand strategy and design services such as corporate design, logo, website, and also editorial design and packaging – they all tell the story of your brand and make your company ready for a successful future. For many years our work has delighted clients in a wide range of B2B and B2C industries, as well as jurors in international design competitions.


ondesign realized
Editorial Design für 
recommended 19/20

For the second edition of the recommended Olympus Fellowship, ondesign realized the exhibition catalogue in a new look. In close cooperation with COOMEDIA, the agency responsible for the project and concept, an elegant presentation of the international cooperation is created.

More about the Editorial Design Project
ondesign realisiert für das AIRBUS-Tochterunternehmen CTC eine neue Corporate Identity - Logo in Weiß auf Verlauf

CTC – an Airbus brand takes off.

For Airbus subsidiary CTC, ondesign created a new visual identity and positioning as a B2B brand. CTC develops lightweight fibre-composite components for the aerospace and other industries.

More about the Corporate Design Project

New corporate design 
for the flour specialist Mühlenchemie.

ondesign is helping Mühlenchemie, the world market leader in the flour improvement and enrichment category, with their repositioning and strategic brand relaunch.
In terms of visual language, the traditional key visual is also reinterpreted in a young and emotional way.

More about the Corporate Design Project


„We would like to thank our long-standing partner ondesign for their sensitivity and the right amount of design to bring artistic photography into focus. In our cooperation projects, ondesign repeatedly manages to highlight the wishes of very different partners in the design. The new recommended catalogue is impressive proof of this.“

Henning Schnittcher, Managing Director COOMEDIA

„ondesign has also initiated strategic questions in various workshops. Together we redefined our core values and only then started the design process. With the new website we can present what we do much better.“

Matthias Wasmuth, Managing Director, media service wasmuth GmbH

"Based on a deep understanding of the brand and our processes, ondesign has achieved a genuine modernisation for Mühlenchemie and in particular has expertly reinterpreted the central key visual."

Carsten Blum, Head of Marketing, Stern-Wywiol Gruppe

“The ondesign team developed a presence for us that really reflects how dynamic we are. Our new brand motivates us as much as it does our clients and partners.”

Henning Schnittcher, Managing Director, COOMEDIA

“The Hydrosol festschrift that ondesign created is an exact reflection of our innovativeness, our team spirit and the high quality of our technological solutions. Thank you!”

Dr. Matthias Moser, Geschäftsführer, Hydrosol

“Our staff is very engaged with the process of giving CTC a new image, and our customers have received it very positively. Thank you for your outstanding work.”

Prof. Dr. Axel Herrmann, CEO, CTC GmbH / an AIRBUS Company

“Our new logo is even faster and easier to recognize, especially in new media, and shows our association with the Sparda Bank.”

Andreas Tönjes, CEO, Sparda Immobilien GmbH

Brand communication based on intelligent strategies. With a feel for your brand.

ondesign gets it. Your goals, your business, your brand. And your desire for a distinctive visual identity that sets you apart and gets your customers’ attention. To accomplish this, we deploy all of our experience, think beyond the briefing, and get our heads into your world. 

Precision is at the core of our design work. So we start the creative process with careful research. We don’t look just at the brand and the brand design, but at the entire brand environment – the market, the competitors, and the people your brand is intended to address. With precision in every phase of the process, the result is intelligent design that feels good too.

People only remember the extraordinary. So, in addition to skills and experience, we also have the courage to ask tough questions, make new connections and break with accustomed visual habits. This helps anchor your brand in people’s memory, worldwide.

Brand loyalty is human. So with all the rational considerations that accompany the design process, we also leave plenty of room for emotions. To help your customers connect with you at the emotional level, we show what’s behind the brand, give it a personality and make it likeable.

For us, design starts with a good discussion. With you.

You’ll find the ondesign agency in the heart of Hamburg, between downtown and the harbour, and at your side in all questions of brand building and brand strengthening. Contact us.


Strategy strengthens design.

Good design is effective only with the right strategy. So before we start on the creative, we first clarify the communication goals, define the core message and identify the target group.

More on brand strategy


Teamwork is inspiring.

Good ideas live from discussion. With our clients and amongst ourselves. We look over each other’s shoulders, criticise and inspire one another. Always as equals. Always with respect for each other’s abilities. So that good ideas become sustainable design.

More about the team


Winners - and not just once. We are honoured. We like to win just as much as our clients do. So we are very happy about the large number of awards and international design prizes to our name. And we’re doing all we can to make that number grow.


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Your Contact Person
Olav Jünke

CEO and Founder /
Creative Director

T +49 (0) 40 / 36 09 26-18


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